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2.4L Turbo Kit RELEASED

Sterlin F1, located in Korea, finally released their turbo kit for the 2.4L Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata. The quality and parts used are outstanding; everything is a simple bolt on kit.

Sterlin F1 Turbo Kit includes:

- T4 turbo

- Stainless turbo manifold

- Front Mount Intercooler w/ intercooler piping attached

- HKS blow-off valve

- Replacement oil pan for the oil return line

- All necessary hardware to install the kit

Colder spark plugs and a Power Pack (tuning device) are also included in the kit priced at a very reasonable $4,999.99. (Custom tune is required and professional installation is always recommended.)

The power increase is ridiculous! Only at 7psi (0.5bar), out of the box, 2.4L Kia Optimas are putting down 172WHP. However, after installing the turbo kit, the Optima was putting down an amazing 299WHP; that's an insane 120HP increase to the wheels

Come get this kit folks, and show what your 2.4L is able to do, and go spank some 2.0T ASS~!!! 


So I see people still as the same question, and so will I. Where do I buy and can it be obtained in the states?

Posted by Himmler on July 09, 2017

Can i install this kit for santa fe dm 2.4 gdi

Posted by Nader on July 02, 2017

Can it fit with my hyundai sonata sport 2016 ?

Posted by Quoc Le on July 01, 2017

Where can I buy turbo kit for 2.4l Kia Optima

Posted by Robert potter on May 23, 2017

How can I get the turbo kit

Posted by Brandon f on May 11, 2017

Hey I have a 2011 kia sorento 2.4 ex can I turbo this motor with your kit and if not what do I need to do thank u

Posted by warren detemple on April 16, 2017

Would this kit be able to be bolted to my 2.4L Tigershark motor? I’m trying to find a way to turbocharge my vehicle and disprove the “Darts are slow” stigma. Any reply if any is appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Cody on April 05, 2017

Where and how can I purchase this kit?

Posted by Ben Chalkley on March 09, 2017

I would like to know were i can get this at or from in Cali.. and how much it run I have seen this being listed as for sell for like 2 years and no word of were we can get it in Cali

Posted by Sean on February 05, 2017

Would this kit fit on my 99 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L

Posted by jorge delacruz on January 08, 2017

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