7 Pieces - Complete Kit for Kia Optima

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7 Pieces - Complete Kit for Kia Optima

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Description :

3.0 K Logo 7 Pieces include: Front, Rear, Steering Wheel, and 4 Wheel Caps

Vehicle Application :

2011 - ON Kia Optima (K5)  

Size :

Front : 4.6in 2.28in / Rear : 5.58in x 2.56in / Steering Wheel Emblem : 2.36in / Wheel Caps (4) : 2.36in  

Material :

FRP + Plastic + Chrome plated

Installation Guide :

  Clean the area before applying.

Set a badge to the right position .

Remove the plastic film on the back of the badge.

Affix it and press in firmly by using a clean and dry cloth.

Wheel Caps and Steering Wheel Emblems can be mounted directly with adhesive tape  

Note: If custom color is selected, only the front and rear emblems are available for the color choice you have selected. Wheel caps, and steering wheels will be shipped only in black. Carbon Fiber backing emblems are no longer available, due to manufacture discontinuing.

Important: Please do not wash your car within 24 hours after mounting the emblem. If you have any questions or concern, please contact us at 714.470.0989 or you may e-mail us at William@Concept3performance.Com

Free Shipping Worldwide~!!!