Concept 3 - 20 Inch Decal
Concept 3 - 20 Inch Decal
Concept 3 - 20 Inch Decal

Concept 3

Concept 3 - 20 Inch Decal

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Ready to show the world your love for our shop?  Well now you can!  With our 20" decals that you can place on your windshield so you can break necks when everyone glances your way as your driving.  Order now to have everyone know where the best mechanic place in SoCal is!   

These are easy to apply high-quality, professional strength vinyl with transfer paper to easily apply.

Each decal is weatherproof and they are great for outdoor and indoor use. These decals are NOT made for drywall and cannot be reused. If you are putting the decal on the back window of you car, place decal out of reach of wipers.

All decals are shipped with transfer tape and the following application instructions:
1. If placing on a glass surface: clean with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. 
2. Peel backing off transfer tape.
3. Place decal sticky side down onto the surface.
4. When in place, use a credit card to smooth it out.
5. Slowly remover the transfer tape.
6. Let it cure for 24-48 hours.