LAP3 ECU Tune for Veloster N 2.0T
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LAP3 ECU Tune for Veloster N 2.0T

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Features:- Increased Boost- Increased Ignition Timing- Adjusted Cam Timing- Adjusted AFR & Target Lambda- Unlocked Various...
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LAP3 ECU Tune for Veloster N 2.0T

- Increased Boost
- Increased Ignition Timing
- Adjusted Cam Timing
- Adjusted AFR & Target Lambda
- Unlocked Various Torque Management System

- Optional Boosted Stage1 Launch Control with various LC limiters unlocked

- Optional 7000RPM Rev Limiter (Allows 0-65mph in 1st & 2nd gear)  
- Unlocked Top Speed Governor

- Race Throttle Mapping 

- Adjusted Wastegate Duty Cycle

- Built-in Over-Boost Protection in cold weather
- Disabled Secondary O2 sensor for HFC/Catless Exhaust Systems

Stock (275BHP) 220-230WHP @ 15psi
LAP3 Stage 1 (91+ Octane) ECU Tune 260-280WHP @ 17-20psi
LAP3 Stage 1.5 (93+ Octane) ECU Tune 270-290WHP @ 18-21psi

LAP3 Stage 2  (93+ Octane) ECU Tune 280-300WHP @ 19-22psi

Hybrid Turbo ECU Tuning Options: 

LAP3 Stage 3 (93+ Octane) ECU Tune @19-22psi
LAP3 Stage 3.5 (93+Meth Injection) ECU Tune @22-25psi


Requirements for all ECU Tunes:
-  HKS M45XL plugs

Requirements for Flame Tune:

- Catless Downpipe


Recommended for Stage 2+ ECU Tune : 

Stage4 Meth Injection Kit or 93+E85 Mix(3-4gal max per full tank)

- Primary HFC/Catless Downpipe

Recommended for all 2.0T-GDI :

- 5W40 Synthetic Oil every 3000-4000 miles

Stage4 Water Meth Injection System with a 450-550cc nozzle with a minimum of 70% to 100% M1 Methanol content. (Click the link to see the benefits of water meth injection system)

- Synthetic 5w40 oil

*Boost may vary by 1-2psi peak, depends on the exhaust set up, weather condition, and wastegate voltage.*

Numbers may vary depend on the vehicle condition, fuel quality, bolt-ons, weather, and etc.

Disclaimer: All sales are final. Any risks associated with running a tune on a vehicle are solely that of the vehicle owner, and LAP3USA LLC is not liable for loss of warranty or damage incurred to your vehicle.

Products from this brand are not typically kept in stock, and are made-to-order.

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