Introducing Dashcams from Cansonic!

Just reaching out to introduce our new line of products in association with Cansonic!  If you are looking at new ways to protect you and your family or ways to capture great track footage or if you are a daily driver.  Cansonic is reliable, long lasting and easy to install here at Concept 3!  Give us a call to schedule your appointment today! 


Here's some excerpts straight from Cansonic!

"Established in 1986 in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Cansonic is a leading innovator and manufacturer of user-friendly, digital imaging Dash Cams. Our digital video products provide a high quality safety experience for every driver on the road from professional racers, car enthusiasts, to everyday commuting driver. Find us today in: America, Japan, Russia, Europe, South East Asia, Taiwan, and China. Cansonic authorizes Atizoe, located at 261 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, California, USA, to exclusively distribute Cansonic’s products and represent Cansonic in USA.

Cansonic is doing its best to fulfill the ultimate in manufacturing and production quality. With the best materials and continuous development and advancement, Cansonic is providing the most reliable product quality and clear image to protect the rights of drivers and road occupants. Cansonic pays great attention to quality manufacturing requirements and international standards. We have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification which includes specific requirements from automotive industry for design, development and producing our line of products."

Don't delay in acquiring this great product

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